Breaking the Glass Ceiling

A lunch series with women in industry to share insights and identify strategies that support gender diversity in leadership.

About the program

These lunches provide a peer to peer learning environment through roundtable conversations with leading STEM industry professionals. The program identifies insights and strategies to address gender barriers, encourage diversity, and support the next generation of industry leaders. These discussions will be translated into a series of insightful narratives through our writers in residence program.

Luncheon Wrap-ups


“It's important that the engineers who create our world are as diverse as the people who live in it”

Marita Cheng


Product Management with Stephanie Hannon 


Stephanie Hannon, a product development and community building expert who has worked for Google, Facebook and Eventbrite. She was the first female Chief Technology Officer on a major presidential campaign – Hillary for America 2016. Stephanie is currently the chief product officer of Strava, a health and fitness startup inspiring a global community of millions of athletes. This two-hour workshop was a best practice guide for product management with a focus on her broad expertise in building products, online communities and local activation. View video of the event here.



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